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BYL Now is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to increasing public awareness of kidney disease throughout the lifespan; screening, testing and disease self management support to individuals and families impacted by chronic kidney disease. Coordinating continuing education opportunities for professionals in the developing world.

The Better Your Living Now Foundation

Now is focused on the prevention and early detection of chronic kidney disease which has emerged as a global health issue with a vast number of the impacted individuals in the developing world. CKD is both a cause and consequence of other major Non Communicable Diseases.



33% of American adults are at risk for kidney disease. More than 37 million have chronic kidney disease (CKD) African Americans are 3x as likely more likely than Caucasians to develop kidney failure as Caucasians.

Medicare spends $120 billion+ (34% of total spending) on beneficiaries with kidney disease.

End Stage Renal Disease affects only 1%, but accounts for 7% of Medicare spending.


BYL NOW provides free community Kidney disease awareness education, screening and testing
programs, monthly educational sessions for individuals impacted by chronic kidney disease and end
stage renal disease patients on dialysis; and continuing education for dialysis professionals in the
developing world.

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