The Reset Guide 

   The Reset Workbook 

      3 days of zoom        group coaching 




What's in Day 1
You will be guided through the SMART goals process to create a plan that ensures that you eat healthier, consuming the foods that you enjoy while maintain your desired weight.
We will provide tools and strategies to help you create a sustainable personalized plan. These changes will help you make better choices. If you have a chronic illness, like hypertension or diabetes it will help you to adhere to your special dietary needs.
What's in Day 2

Do you have an exercise plan?  

Your answer should be YES

Movement is important to your circulation, weight, restfulness, hormonal balance and mental health. No special equipment and no lifestyle revamp needed. Let’s make a plan to build your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.

Sleep is your body’s natural revitalizer, we all need a plan to ensure that we get our ZZZzzzzz !!!

What's in Day 3
Stress is inescapable. It can cause both emotional and physical  tension and may lead to chronic illnesses both mental and physical.
Creating a  personalized plan to manage your stress at home, at work and in general is life saving. Let’s talk about ways to maintain your joy through guided imagery, meditation, prayer and many other ways.

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