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About Us

Better Your Living

Better Your Living services are provided by licensed professionals trained in cultivating behavior and healthy lifestyle changes, through participant-centered coaching, motivational interviewing, and behavior change strategies.

Who We Are

Better Your Living LLC provides corporate & personal health education & coaching, using a platform for preventative & chronic care management that makes healthy living a way of life.
The company provides virtual and on-site customized health coaching programs to individuals and groups; and offers seminar & keynote speaking services at industry events and private gatherings.
Better Your Living LLC was founded by Jessica Phipps and is headquartered in Newark, New Jer

What We Do

We empower people with the tools to thrive, making health and wellness a priority by keeping health in the conversation

Our Philosophy

Healthy isn’t a goal, it is a way of life. A healthy life is within your reach. Make it your purpose.


This means:

  • Health and wellness are priceless gifts that enable us to enjoy the important things and people in our lives. This is an area of life that we cannot afford to ignore.

  • Quality information about health can help us take better care of ourselves and those we love and it is our responsibility to secure that information.

  • Small steps, done consistently, can make a big difference in your health.

  • Get started!
    The best time to take action about your health is now. Be proactive.

Your Privacy 

Your Information is Secure!

We won't share your information.
All health data is stored on a secure system, and monitored for security 24/7.
We WILL delete any personal data upon request.

HIPAA, PIPEDA, AUS Privacy Act, CCPA, and GDPR Compliant 
HIPPA compliance ensures we meet government standards for the protection of your private health information

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